Geo Engineering Billboards Campaign T-Shirt

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Help us raise funds for Anti Geo Engineering Billboards all around the globe!

Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering is a major health concern not only to human life, but also to all life on the planet. With your help we can increase public awareness by placing Anti Geo Engineering billboards at locations around the globe that are most heavily impacted.

More about this campaign

Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering programs around the world have been operating without public knowledge or consent for over a decade under the disguise of Solar Radiation Management. With your help, we will raise funds to purchase/rent billboard space in targeted areas around the globe which are most heavily affected by these crimes against humanity. Public awareness is key in our efforts to end Geo Engineering and give future generations a healthy environment free of toxic aerosols, contaminated soils and water supplies, and lack of biophotons and Vitamin D3.

T-shirt information

100% cotton Gildan crew neck, loose fit, short sleeve t-shirt.


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